Fly-in Moose Hunting on Ontario's Lake Savant

Moose hunting at Cat Track Lodge is a long-standing tradition with exceptional success rates. Our remote fly-in location combined with a diverse landscape of marshes, weedy bays, highlands, lowlands, sand, mud, creeks, rivers, grassy bays, grassy shorelines and game trails is what the moose love and offers hunters a great chance for success.

We are located in WMU 16B, which is 10,626 square km of prime Moose habitat. Typically, our Moose hunting guests hunt on the lake and most times out of the boat or setting up in prime areas for calling. There are game trails and portages to other lakes, which gives you a variety places to hunt and increase your chances. Success rates depend on skill levels, weather and effort.

We offer non-resident or resident rifle tags for Bull, Cow and Calf Moose. Please call us for availability.

Experienced hunting guides are available. Please specify if you want a guide when you book your hunt. Please check-in with us in advance if you are interested in a guide so we can confirm availability.

Field Dressing & Meat:

We will assist hunters with field dressing and the meat gets flown out to a hanger cooler at the Rusty Myers' airbase. Hunters need to bring their own cheesecloth, please reference what to bring on the rate sheet.

Moose in our Area:

Our season opens during the rut, which provides great opportunity for moose to be called into shooting range during this time. Moose in Northwestern Ontario are called the Northwestern Moose. They are a crossbred of the smaller Eastern Moose and the west coast Alaskan Moose. Bull Moose in our area can get big. Racks on average in our area are 30" to 50" but bigger Moose have been harvested.

Moose hunting on Lake Savant is a very pleasurable experience. The lake and surrounding areas are gorgeous and you can also take advantage of the fantastic fishing our lake has to offer.

Rifles, Ammo & Tips:

• 30 Caliber rifle is recommended and 150 grain bullet or larger.
• Shot placement is much more important than caliber size of rifle. Please feel free to call us if you have more questions.

Hunter Orange:

In Ontario solid hunter-orange needs to be worn during rifle season. It must be a minimum of 200 square inches, which equates to a hunter orange vest and hat. Camouflage hunter orange does not qualify.